Incident Management

Automate first report through investigation and corrective actions. Includes automatic email notifications and robust reporting.

Audit Management

Design, plan, conduct, and report on audits. Also perform inspections, assessments, and corrective action follow-up.

Business Performance

Set business goals and objectives. Then publish them and begin tracking progress at all levels across the organization.


Manage emissions and waste with multi-tier data collection capabilities and global roll-up reporting.

Management of Change

Ensure all responsible stakeholders are properly informed, consulted and in agreement. Maintain a complete audit trail and ensure safety.

Offline and Mobile

Effectively remove the barriers to compliance related to network connectivity and say goodbye to paper forms.

Risk Management

Use risk management tools such as HazID, JSA, Health Risk Assessments, and Incident Risk Ratings. Start managing and reviewing all your significant risks in one place.

Behavior Based Safety

There is no one right way to achieve safe operations in an organization. For a safety system to be effective it must fit the organization’s culture. So you need a flexible system that grows with your company.

Quality Management

Automate processes used to manage your QMS activities, including grievances, complaints, non-conformance reports, and corrective action follow-up. Act faster, and learn faster. Become a better company.