It’s Monday morning. You arrived at the office 30 minutes ago, but you still haven’t made it to your office because as soon as you walked in there were multiple people waiting to talk to you. The night shift supervisor had questions about an industrial hygiene report you emailed him, an hourly employee wanted to report missing labels on chemical containers received in on Saturday afternoon and the Site Manager wanted to know if you’d read the email he sent on Sunday requesting the metrics report first thing Monday morning.

When you finally make it to your office and try to open the door, you can feel a bit of resistance—but you don’t need to look down to know what’s causing it. You know that for the past 48 hours, every audit, inspection, safety meeting report, safety drill record, training sign in sheet and incident report has been pushed under your door. You finally get your door open and as expected, the floor is littered with documents. You put your keys and lunch bag onto the chair next to the door and start picking up the paperwork so that you don’t step on it.

Sitting at your desk, you start to organize the documents and notice several incident reports, a few inspections forms, training sign in sheets and a whole bunch of hot work permits (none of which are filled out properly or completely). Before you can really start to review everything, the Site Manager stops by and reminds you again that he really needs that metrics report. Unfortunately you have to tell him that you can’t give him the metrics report until you’ve gone through the handful of incident reports that came in over the weekend to make sure none of those incidents will impact the metrics. Even though you’ve only been gone for two days, you feel like you’ve been gone for a month!

Welcome to EHS Insight's Compliance Tasks Module

If you’re tired of Monday mornings like this and are ready to make a change, let us introduce you to our Compliance Tasks module which will automate the management, notification and documentation of various types of compliance activities and at the very least will keep you from having to wade through hundreds of pieces of paper every Monday morning.

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