EHS Insight’s management software streamlines compliance and safety requirements for organizations in a variety of industries. As a result, companies gain a real-time look into their EHS operations and develop crucial insights that otherwise wouldn’t exist. It’s everything you need to manage safety, compliance, risk, and sustainability from one central location.

Benefits of EHS Insight’s Management Software

There are as many reasons to use EHS Management Software as there are organizations who use it. Discover the key benefits you can expect, regardless of industry:

Training Management

  • Manage and monitor company-wide training curricula from one platform.
  • Encourages employee participation and feedback
  • Automatic alerts and reminders for upcoming and overdue training

Audits & Inspections

  • Schedule audits and inspections on your calendar
  • Record audit and inspection data on the go to save time
  • Use basic built-in checklists or create your own
  • Strengthen follow-up procedures to address issues found during audits and inspections

Incident Reporting

  • Track and record all workplace incidents from a single platform
  • Retrieve necessary paperwork and data resources within seconds
  • Implement and monitor near miss reporting strategies
  • Use incident reporting data to improve occupational health and safety programs

Actions & Tasks

  • Identify items requiring action at a glance
  • Assign and schedule tasks to team members
  • Receive visual insights of metrics, KPIs, incidents, audits, training, and other areas

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