If every dollar and every minute matter in your logistics operations, your entire success relies on how efficiently you can manage each.  Even the most well-oiled business can usually find some way to improve what they’re already doing to cut time and spending and add more profitability.

Improving EHS functions is often one of the most overlooked opportunities to trim expenses, yet it provides one of the biggest areas for ROI. Take a look at how logistics and transportation companies can tighten their budget belts by making a few tweaks to their EHS performance:

Audits & Inspections

The logistics and transportation industries are no strangers to audits and inspections. You have your fair share of rules and regulations to follow, and they’re there for your own good. For example, failing to maintain your truck fleet puts the lives of your drivers in danger, not to mention compromising the safety of other road-sharing drivers.

Failing an audit or inspection might result in a fine, but keep in mind that suffering the potential fallout from these failures could end up costing you several times more than any imposed fee.

Staying ahead of (or at least on top of) your required audits and inspections is your best defense against serious consequences. As a result, you can avoid costly fines, potential lawsuits, increased insurance premiums, and other preventable charges that can eat away at your bottom line. Otherwise, one day you may not have a business to go to each day.

Employee Training

Safe employees are informed employees, which is why ongoing training should be non-negotiable. However, every company has its share of “veterans” who have been doing the same job for so long they rarely give a second thought as to how they’re handling their duties. What worked as a shortcut once may have become a regular procedure, and without reminders on how to stay safe on the job, complacency abounds.

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