You just got notified of an incident and before you can even finish reading the details, your boss comes into your office and says: “I thought we fixed this. How did it happen…again?”—and you’re really not sure how to respond because you don’t know. To the best of your recollection, it wasn’t supposed to happen again because solutions were put into place to specifically prevent it from happening again—but that was years ago and you know how much things have changed since then.

A few months later, another incident happens and as you’re discussing it in the morning staff meeting, you find out that one of your sister locations had a very similar incident that you knew nothing about. Had you known about the other location’s incident and what solutions they put in place, you might have been able to prevent the incident from happening at your location. After an incident, documenting and communicating lessons learned is important not only internally within locations but also between company locations. The problem most companies have, however, is how to document and share this information in a controlled and organized manner.

EHS Insight's Lesson Learned Module

That’s where we can help. Allow us to introduce our Lessons Learned Module, which is the newest module in the EHS Insight software family.

  • Create and assign specific lessons learned, add reviewers and instructions and even include attachments or link documents from your document library—all of which shows up in “My Tasks”.
  • Users with the Incident Event Module and/or the Quality Event Module can have lessons learned automatically pulled into the new module making it easier to create lesson rundowns.
  • Users can design a specific workflow requiring different levels of review and approval as well as giving the option to reject or cancel lessons as needed.
  • And more!

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