Arguably one of the most dangerous jobs in existence, the mining industry is full of health and safety hazards that could have devastating consequences. Those brave enough to take on a career in mining may know what they signed up for. However, real events tend to create new perspectives, and could force employees to reexamine what they think they know about workplace safety.

The good news is you don’t have to face a catastrophic event to instill safety values in your employees. Let’s look at a few best practices that can help you put safety in its place – right at the top of everyone’s priority list:

Daily Reminders of Danger

Your team might know their job is dangerous, but understanding just how dangerous can help to put things in perspective. The Mine Health and Safety Administration website keeps a running count of mine-related deaths and injuries on its website, which could become an effective tool for your team meetings. Giving your employees grim reminders about the importance of following safety procedures may force them to exercise more caution while at work, lest they become another statistic.

Reporting Safety Hazards

Miners have a responsibility, both to themselves and other miners, to report any potential hazards that may threaten worker health. They can report these hazards directly to your company, or anonymously to MSHA. Preferably, you’d want to hear it straight from your own employees so you have the chance to correct it immediately. However, it’s important to note that miners do have other options if they feel the issue isn’t being addressed properly. It’s in your best interest to take all reported safety hazards seriously and remedy them immediately to avoid involving other agencies.

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