Training and competency management could be the most important initiative you are running this year, and really any year. Some managers don’t think of it as an initiative. They think it’s just something they have to do, you know, to maintain compliance so they won’t get fined. That’s probably not your attitude, or you wouldn’t have downloaded this eBook. You’re looking for ways to improve. You know there are huge benefits from a well-run training and competency management program.

In this eBook, we think you will find some good information and some good ideas that could help you improve your training program. We’ll look at the benefits of having a well-run program and offer some suggestions for how to improve yours.

Who Is This For?

This eBook is for leaders and employees in organizations with specific learning requirements including EHS and industry best practices.

  • Human Resources professionals looking to update or identify the best way to train staff
  • Training and Development professionals looking for tools and systems to improve learner outcomes
  • EHS leaders and key decision makers of organizations looking to reduce risk and optimize efficiency, employee safety, and understanding
  • Employees concerned about their workplace or occupational environment and health and safety practices, and in search of a better way to learn
  • Organizations with a large and/or decentralized workforce who need to ensure all employees are trained consistently and comprehensively

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