Helping Chemical Companies Discover Benefits from Audits and Inspections

As an EHS professional, you’re undoubtedly concerned with positive change in the workplace. There’s no shorter route to transformation than an effective audits and inspections program. 

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Reduce Risk

As a chemical company, you’re required by law to perform specific safety-related tasks, audits, and inspections to remain compliant. You have a major obligation to ensure the safety of your employees. Not only can incidents immediately affect workers, it can also have an impact on the surrounding community. That’s why audits and inspections aren’t just a good idea – they’re necessary for protecting your people and your company.

Fulfill Requirements

At the end of every audit and inspection, you may feel as though you’ve completed your work. If every box is checked, each blank is filled, and all forms are signed, you’ve done your duty. But have you fulfilled the requirements? Fulfillment goes beyond what you see on paper. In performing audits and inspections, think about the greater picture. Why are you conducting an audit? What purpose does the inspection serve? What are you hoping to get out of your efforts?

Achieve Compliance

If you’ve managed to achieve an ISO certification or fulfilled an OSHA or EPA requirement, you should be working just as hard to maintain it. Compliance and successful audit sessions are equal parts, and they need organization, efficiency and data. And by data, we mean having complete info that’s relevant and easy to access. It’s also important to have the right tools in place, like EHS software, so you can stay on top of compliance initiatives.