Improving Workplace Safety: How CPG Companies Can Foster Growth

Every CPG manufacturing environment presents its own set of risks. From material handling to spills to equipment operation and maintenance, potential hazards exist everywhere you turn.

Improve Reporting

Safety managers should remember this: always look for ways to help your teams be more productive, and focus on time-wasting techniques that waste other resources as well. Moving from manual-based safety reporting to automation can help safety managers improve their programs with an eye toward productivity.

Involve Employees

Look at the top CPG companies and you’ll see they share one common attribute: a strong corporate culture. Companies craft a unique culture to help with hiring the right people, engaging each employee, and ensuring their brand voice shines in everything they do.

Create New Norms

The importance of workplace safety can never be over-emphasized if you’re trying to foster a strong safety culture. When your program is designed with even larger goals in mind, it can actually improve morale, creating a supportive culture in the workplace.