Mining and Metals: Best Practices to Protect Every Employee

Mining safety shouldn’t be taken lightly, even for seasoned miners. When you can help your team put safety first, your entire company can appreciate the efforts.

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Report Hazards

Miners have a responsibility, both to themselves and other miners, to report any potential hazards that may threaten worker health. They can report these hazards directly to your company, or anonymously to MSHA. It’s in your best interest to take all reported safety hazards seriously and remedy them immediately to avoid involving other agencies.

Monitor POV

Discovering patterns of violations (POV) gives better insight into potential root causes so that mining companies can not only fix the current problem, but also addresses whatever continues to cause the problem. MSHA has recently revised its process for handling POV cases and is tightening its guidelines on when to get involved with violations.

Reminders of Danger

Your team might know their job is dangerous, but understanding just how dangerous can help to put things in perspective. Giving your employees grim reminders about the importance of following safety procedures may force them to exercise more caution while at work, lest they become another statistic.