EHS Best Practices for Utilities and Power Generation

From tracking ever-changing compliance requirements to developing a culture of safety, improve your EHS program with these industry best practices.

Involve Employees

The concept of employees becoming engaged in a common purpose at work can start simple, like creating a workplace safety program. If you can instill pride, buy-in, and success with starting a safety culture at work, you’ve laid some excellent groundwork for the future of EHS at your company.

Track OSHA Updates

Falling short of safety and compliance to OSHA standards may result in added costs to your business. That's why it's considered a best practice to frequently monitor OSHA updates to ensure your organization is adhering to regulatory requirements.

Create New Norms

The importance of safety best practices can never be over-emphasized if you’re trying to foster a strong organizational culture. When your program is designed with even larger goals in mind, it can actually improve morale, creating a supportive culture in the workplace.