Audit Software Features

  • Audit Protocol to verify all business operations are compliant and within regulatory limits
  • Inspection Management to efficiently use and assign checklists for recurring inspections
  • Collaboration to schedule and assign audits based on corporate objectives  
  • Reporting to gain insights into your end-to-end audit processes


Implementing an audit software solution is advantageous to both your business operations and internal stakeholders. It helps create transparency and accountability in day-to-day audit processes to help reach compliance, whether it be for OSHA 300/300A or HIPAA. This software helps you spend less time documenting redundant audit-related tasks and more time providing feedback to your employees and value-add services to your customers.  EHS Insight helps improve your efficiency and productivity of internal audit procedures, and reduce risks. Some of the main benefits of EHS Insight's audit software include the following:

  1. Automated audit reporting to ensure all business related events remain compliant
  2. Management of robust audit rules with scoring, weighting, and tagging
  3. Real-time dashboards that provide analysis and overview into your audit management program
  4. Offline capabilities to complete audits from anywhere

Audit Management Software For Any Business

An audit solution is an important tool to have regardless of industry. It eliminates labor intensive work such as spread-sheets and paper-based reporting, and replaces them with software automation. EHS Insight helps you quickly and accurately report while ensuring compliance best practices are considered. Some of the functionalities of this type of software include:

  1. Audit strategy, planning, and scheduling
  2. Development of audit protocols, plan, and checklist for inspection management
  3. Field data collection
  4. Production of audit reports and dashboards