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    July 17, 2023

    Best Examples of Safety Messages to Give Employees Daily

    It should go without saying that every company should take workplace safety seriously.

    It’s equally important to recognize the importance of addressing safety on a daily basis. One way to do this is to give employees a safety message of the day every day. Obviously, employers need to tailor these messages to fit their specific business. But if you want some universal safety messages to help get you started, here are some that will fit just about any workplace.

    Know Your Surroundings

    There’s nothing wrong with reminding employees to be aware of their surroundings. This is a great safety message to send any day of the week because employees who know their surroundings can better anticipate potential safety concerns.

    Don’t Work Alone

    Unless their job description calls for it, remind employees not to work alone. It’s a good message to give employees because there is always strength in numbers. After all, safety is a team effort and employees should know to keep an eye on each other.

    See Something, Say Something

    This is obviously a cliche, but it’s also a good safety message to give employees. If they see something that doesn’t look safe, they need to speak up. If employees don’t speak up about safety concerns they see, there’s no way to address those concerns.

    Keep Things Clean and Tidy

    There is almost always a strong correlation between clean workplaces and safe workplaces. If you remind employees to keep the workplace clean and tidy, there will be fewer potential safety hazards, helping to reduce the possibility of an accident.

    Don’t Work If You’re Sick and Tired

    Some employees will come in to work and do their job under any circumstances. However, in the name of safety, some employees need to be reminded not to work if they’re feeling sick and tired. While it’s admirable for them to try, employees who are sick or tired are more likely to make mistakes, potentially causing safety accidents.

    Stay Rested and Hydrated

    Along those same lines, employees should be reminded to stay rested and hydrated while they’re at work. It could be a good idea to give employees a clear message that taking breaks and drinking water is important, especially if they have physically demanding jobs. The more rested and refreshed workers are, the less likely they are to make a mistake that can lead to an accident.

    Wear Proper Clothing and PPE

    An important safety message to send to employees regularly is about the importance of dressing properly for their job and always wearing the right personal protective equipment (PPE). Not only can this help reduce the chance of an accident, but protective gear is there to reduce the severity of any injuries.

    Follow Safety Protocols Every Time

    Hopefully, all employees are aware of the safety protocols that they are expected to follow while performing their jobs. But it doesn’t hurt to give them a daily message that reminds them to follow those protocols. It’s not always easy doing the same thing day after day. But with something as important as safety protocols, daily reminders can help keep employees from getting complacent or forgetting the right safety procedures.

    Find the Right Safety System

    In addition to daily safety affirmations, companies should be encouraged to find a system that can help them stay organized in their approach to workplace safety. That’s why EHS Insight offers safety management software that can do just that. Our system encompasses everything from training to hazard identification to communication that can help a company stay organized and cover all its bases with regard to workplace safety. In fact, our system is a proven method of improving workplace safety and keeping workers protected.

    If you think your business can do more to address workplace health and safety, contact us anytime and learn more about our software.

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