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August 9, 2022

EHS Insight Recognized as a G2 Leader in the EHS Category

G2, the world’s largest and most trusted tech marketplace, is used by countless companies around the world to discover, review, and manage the software they need to do business. That’s why it’s such a thrill to announce that EHS Insight was recently honored with the G2 Leader Award for our EHS software platform!

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We’re proud of this accomplishment, as it showcases the hard work that we’ve put into making EHS Insight a premier professional environmental health and safety management software platform. That’s why we’re taking the time to showcase how G2 chooses award recipients below. Here’s more about what receiving this prestigious award means for users of EHS Insight.

How G2 Chooses Award Recipients

Being honored with the G2 Leader Award doesn’t mean that G2 picked your company’s name out of a hat. It means you, and your software platform, went up against all the other platforms from companies that exist in your same market sector – and yours came out on top. G2 uses a unique methodology for choosing its award recipients that include:

  • Evaluating User Ratings: G2 rates products in each category through data-based research. Algorithms scour product reviews that G2 users share on the site and combine that data with information and feedback gathered from social networks and online sources.
  • Advanced Scoring Methodologies: G2 uses an advanced scoring system to calculate two scores for each product, its Satisfaction Score and its Market Presence score. These scores are normalized across the entire market sector and then scaled from 1 through 100.

Qualifying for Inclusion

G2 knows that countless businesses depend on it as an invaluable resource. That means the organization strives to provide trustworthy reviews and evaluations of companies and their software products that can be relied on. In fact, to even be included in G2’s evaluations for the prestigious honor in the first place requires meeting certain qualifying factors, including having a verified business email address or LinkedIn profile, and your product has at least 10 consumer reviews on G2.

Additionally, G2 carefully checks each review to ensure they meet submission requirements and that these submissions are an accurate and unbiased reflection of the product being reviewed. Not only that, but G2 is completely independent, as it never includes any subjective input into its user rating evaluations. Only the opinions of real users go into these evaluations, offering a truly clear and unmistakable view of the product.

Sitting Pretty at the Top of the Heap

Now that you know what goes into qualifying for the G2 Market Leader Award, you can see why we’re so absolutely thrilled to have been honored this way. While G2 found us to be at the top of the heap, we know that our users put us there. So thank you for all your support, and don’t worry – we remain dedicated to continuing to deliver a world-class EHS software platform here at EHS Insight.

About G2

The world’s largest tech marketplace where businesses can discover, review, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential, G2 was founded in 2012 when five entrepreneurs committed themselves to make it easier for both buyers and sellers to evaluate new and emergent software and other technologies. Today, G2 receives visits from more than 60 million users per year and has grown to publish in excess of 1.5 million reviews of more than 100,000 software products. For more information on G2’s research methodologies, visit the G2 Research Hub at

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