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    October 6, 2022

    How to Inspect Commercial Properties for Safety Hazards

    A true safety inspection of a workplace means checking every inch of the property. That’s the only way to ensure that all potential hazards are accounted for and mitigated as much as possible. Of course, it always helps to have a property inspection checklist template that covers all corners of the work site, even spots that can be easy to overlook. But there is so much more to performing a full and proper safety inspection that we wanted to share some of the most pertinent details and best practices.

    Comprehensive Fire Safety

    Any inspection of the entire workplace should begin with a safety inspection. In most places, fire is going to be the most likely hazard to cause serious harm or damage. All potential fire hazards on the premises should be explored to see if they are being mitigated as much as possible. The same is true of safety measures like fire extinguishers that are on the property. Plus, it never hurts to revisit the company’s evacuation plan in case there’s a fire to make sure it’s the best method possible for getting everyone out safely. 

    Check the Exterior

    Not all safety inspections take into account the outside of the building and other exterior parts of the property. But there can be potential safety hazards in these areas as well that need to be addressed. Things like the outer walls, parking lots, and landscapes all need to be checked during a comprehensive worksite inspection. These may not be a priority with regard to everyday tasks that create hazards for employees, but there can be hazards in these areas that need to be addressed.

    Interior Systems

    There are five primary systems that encompass the interior of most commercial buildings that need to be checked during an inspection. This includes electrical systems, plumbing systems, HVAC, roofing, and the structural integrity of the building. During a full inspection, all five of these areas should be looked at to ensure that are no systemic issues on the property that could lead to trouble down the line.

    Every Inch of the Interior

    Naturally, every inch of the inside of a workplace should be inspected closely. Obviously, this will include areas where work is performed. But offices, bathrooms, kitchen spaces, and other areas should all be checked. This also includes the floors and walls of every room. If you’re going to inspect an entire commercial property, it’s important to leave no stone unturned and check every little crevice onsite.

    Take Photos

    Another element to include during a full inspection is taking photos during the inspection. Every area of the building and the outside should be photographed, especially if there is a potential safety concern. This will help in correcting any issues that might exist and serve as a reminder of areas that might need to be addressed at a later date.

    Documents for Everything

    Of course, photos help to serve as documentation of the inspection process, although they aren’t the only form of documentation. Documents related to building plans, floor plans, fire safety, evacuation plans, and countless other aspects of the building and the property should be involved in the inspection in some way, even if they are just reviewed beforehand. It’s equally important to have documents that record what was inspected and whether everything was up to code or not.

    Get the Right Safety System Behind You

    In order to have the safest commercial property and workplace possible, it’s essential to have safety management software serving as the foundation. That’s why EHS Insight offers a comprehensive system that helps to put every element of workplace safety on one platform. This helps ensure that every box is checked and no aspect of employee health and safety can be forgotten or overlooked.

    If you want to do everything possible to create a safe workplace, get in touch with us anytime and we will be your partner in creating the safest work environment possible.

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