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    April 25, 2016

    Occupational Safety and Health Administration Compliance Training

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a federal agency that enforces workplace health and safety regulations. OSHA sets standards, audits worksites and ensures compliance through inspections.  

    There are various courses and educational programs that help teach business owners and leaders about safety requirements. OSHA compliance training also includes educating stakeholders on the different types of safety methodologies. When it comes to training software, businesses have the advantage of automating their training program, which makes it easy for employees and supervisors to report and track compliance initiatives. Using an audit solution can also help your department streamline inspections procedures more effectively, and manage any upcoming inspections. Solutions like training tracking software and audits/inspections can help your organization manage OSHA compliance.

    Falling short of safety and compliance to OSHA standards may result in added costs to your business. There is the cost of medical care for injured employees, the possible cost of compensation for incapacitating injuries, and reduced production because of indisposed employees. The cost of OSHA compliance training and training management software is much less in comparison to these costs.

    OSHA works with businesses to help them pinpoint hazards on their premises with the aim of guiding them to safer work practices. This is particularly important for workplaces that have high risks such as factories where large machinery may be in place.  Having an EHS management program in place is likely to reduce safety related incidents, and improve workplace productivity. This helps EHS leaders allocate time to other tasks because those related to safety – like training, inspection, OSHA reporting, and others – are automated.

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