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    July 10, 2023

    The Importance of Management of Change Software

    Major changes in the workplace can be difficult to overcome. Whether it's operational or organizational, remember to use management of change software to keep all changes streamlined. 

    Software for Automating the MoC Process

    Management of change software helps health and safety leaders track changes to ensure safety at all times. These days, more and more companies are finding a need for automation with an EHS software system for managing workplace change. In some cases, companies might make a change and may not have the time to organize and implement newly defined strategies. A number of industries are starting to implement Process Safety Management (PSM) methods perfected at facilities subject to OSHA's PSM. With management of change software, departments have the opportunity to take a more standardized approach.

    This type of software also allows various risks and hazards to be mitigated. A change needs to be well-designed, and a more extensive evaluation will help with consolidation issues and executing new processes. It will ensure that the various impacts have been explored so that all departments are aware of what the new changes are going to bring.

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    Another reason that management of change software is important is that it creates an audit trail. There is a patient tracking every stage, and this guarantees that the changes are documented properly. Should anyone inquire, such as a stakeholder or inspector, the documentation can be easily generated and presented. It also keeps everyone on the same page in terms of departmental changes. 

    Personnel Change Management

    When people change, risks change. Do you often need to determine whether you have another employee to backfill a position when someone is promoted or leaves the company? Would you like to know when a particular position could be filled by promoting or reassigning someone when his current assignment ends? Don’t be surprised by personnel changes. Integrate Management of Change with EHS Insight's training tracking software to simplify change approval and notification, ensuring smooth transitions with reduced risk.

    Ultimately, it comes down to making sure that everything is handled properly. The goal should always be to run operations as efficiently as possible, and management of change is absolutely critical. Software designed to manage these changes will help to create a digital paper trail and simplify compliance with health and safety regulations. 

    EHS Insight offers a free trial of EHS management software. Sign up today and see how much easier compliance can be.