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    June 16, 2020

    Why You Should Issue a Safety Message of the Month

    Safety messages are an important part of ongoing occupational health and safety efforts at work. They can vary widely, from specific announcements about particular roles and duties to general announcements that support safe working conditions.

    General safety messaging can easily become too familiar to employees, and they can lose track of them as they get lost in the noise of everyday responsibilities. That’s why safety messages of the month can be such a vital tool in achieving workplace health and safety goals. A safety message of the month can alert employees to changes while supporting awareness and adherence in an on-going way.

    Alert Employees to Changes

    Safety policies and procedures can change with the ongoing assessment and evaluation of hazards at work. When machinery gets updated, upgraded or replaced, some safety measures may change.

    Regulatory changes can affect inspection and reporting requirements. Related information is typically disseminated through departments but the nature of such communication can be hit or miss; it’s still possible that some employees may not see it or may not remember seeing it.

    Establishing a new safety message of the month that alerts employees to new concepts and procedures in a way that stands out. Common tools for communicating a safety message of the month include email and text messages, signage, all-hands meetings, and even EHS software. Improve participation by hosting programs, events or safety-oriented games where prizes can be awarded.

    Encourage Adherence to Safety Standards

    Use a safety message of the month to refresh concerts and topics that may be so familiar to your employees that they’ve faded into the background of the workday. When work activities become familiar, it can be difficult to notice the small increments by which safety standards can slide.

    Regular messaging can benefit experienced employees and new hires alike. Instituting a safety message of the month program also informs staff that the company considers safety a year-round concept and not just applicable during June’s National Safety Month. Choosing a new topic each month ensures all aspects of workplace safety are covered.

    Improve Safety Awareness

    A safety message of the month program signals to employees that their employer values safety which may make it more likely that employees will, too. Effective workplace safety practices can improve productivity while minimizing the legal, financial, and regulatory risks.

    As an added benefit, companies tend to be viewed positively when it appears they genuinely care about their employees; this benefit to a company’s reputation can translate into improved revenues.

    A safety message of the month program can foster camaraderie among employees. Much of workplace safety is counting on your coworkers to look out for conditions that could harm themselves or their colleagues and regular reminders encourage this community-oriented mindset.

    Safety message of the month communications are a worthwhile endeavor that has positive effects that go beyond the calendar month. It supports effective workplace health and safety practices that reduce the incidents that slow down production, leave companies open to fines and fees, or possibly harm reputations which can lead to decreased revenues.

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