Mobile Application

Take your work with you and use your own devices.

  • Work from a range of devices including mobile phones, laptops, and tablets
  • Enjoy full workflow support in both online and offline modes
  • Deliver real-time information to help users manage their tasks
  • Use preferences to control synchronization options in offline workspace
  • Download from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android
Respond to requests, approve action items and route assignments with workflow support in online and offline modes.

EHS Insight Offline Client

Work doesn't stop but networks do.

  • Work while disconnected, sync whenever a connection is available
  • Provide field personnel with consistent access to business information and applications
  • Utilize the EHS Insight Offline Client on computers that have a slow or unreliable network
  • Maintain workforce efficiency at job sites that have limited connectivity
Provide field services workers with the same access to business information and applications as office personnel.