Standard Out-of-the-Box versus Highly Configured Solutions

Our Environmental, Health and Safety solution is tailored to meet your needs, regardless of industry specifications. Our complete range of solutions enables our clients to achieve their organization’s goals regarding risk management, operational performance and regulatory compliance.

EHS Insight has two levels of EHS Solutions – a carefully crafted, streamlined Express Edition and a highly configurable, full-featured Enterprise Edition. Selection is mostly determined by the EHS maturity level of the client.

The Express Edition is a comprehensive Incident Management solution that can be deployed within weeks, not months. Express supports 5 major incident types including Injury/Illness, Near Miss, Environmental, Asset/Vehicle and Security Incidents. Additionally, Express facilitates Root Cause analysis and corrective action tracking, allowing the user to follow an incident through to investigation seamlessly. Express provides ample reporting capabilities that include roll-up and drill-down reporting as well as Mobile and tablet support.

The Enterprise Edition is a multi-feature solution designed for a more mature EHS management team. Every Enterprise implementation is guided by a highly skilled team of professionals who ensure leaders of Risk, EHS, Maintenance and Quality are supported in their pursuits. The implementation team’s experience and knowledge ensures a smooth transition to your new EHS system and continued support helps you maximize the value you get from your investment.

Regardless of which style of implementation you select, we can help you get up and running on a powerful new EHS Insight solution inlcuding integration when necessary. We have a proven process for analysis-driven system design and configuration.

Our implementation strategy is simple, yet effective.

  • We start with collaborative analysis with our clients to determine their current and desired EHS maturity level and compose an implementation plan to meet system requirements.
  • Using the most efficient and effective team available, we execute the system requirements by configuring EHS Insight to meet client needs and fully document and test the system.
  • Throughout the project, we allow the client to validate the system through a series of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to verify requirements are being met and train the system’s power users so they are fully equipped to drive change within the client’s organization.
  • Once all requirements are met, we deploy the system to the client environment, assisting and training the client’s IT team along the way.  
  • Finally, we transition the client to our support team to facilitate continued interactions and system maintenance.

The pressures that drive change, drive you -- globalization, increasingly complex regulatory measures, new competitive threats, rising costs, volatile market conditions. To effectively deal with these pressures, your team must execute existing business processes more efficiently and innovate to find novel ways of outpacing your competition. EHS Insight is built to integrate easily and to provide easy access to the information you are after.