EHS Software Solutions - The Features

Below are just some of the applications we offer to help you achieve compliance. 

  • Incident Management to become more effective at preventing and managing incidents
  • Audit Management to streamline and enhance your end-to-end audit process
  • Risk Management to minimize loss from hazardous activities  
  • Sustainability Management to measure progress towards EHS goals


EHS software solutions allow companies to streamline all aspects of their environmental, health and safety program. EHS Insight is designed to help keep workers safe, and ensure they're working efficiently. The core benefits of the EHS Insight platform include:

  1. Reduce time and cost by turning manual, paper and spreadsheet-based processes into awesome automation.
  2. Improve investigation and inspections to ensure safety of workers and the environment.
  3. Intuitive dashboards to keep track of all EHS objectives and performance.
  4. Facilitate compliance with all industry, government regulations, and agencies like OSHA 300/300A and HIPAA
  5. A fully configurable EHS management information system tailored to meet organizational, departmental, and employee needs.   

EHS Software Solutions for All Business Types

The role of EHS software solutions plays a key role for any business type. EHS Insight provides incident management, audits and inspections, risk analysis, environmental management, sustainability management, and more to manage EHS projects. These solutions are designed to increase transparency - especially in audits - and improve employee engagement. 

When the right software solutions are in place, a business is bound to achieve operational success. After all, implementing such software modules, is one of the key elements to reach corporate goals.