Incident Reporting Software Features

Managing incidents doesn't need to be difficult. At EHS Insight, we provide solutions to make your processes easier. Incident reporting software by EHS Insight provides the following key features:

  • Incident Investigation to identify, report, and prevent occupational incidents
  • Robust Reporting to gain insight into every incident, and your entire EHS program
  • Data Capture Forms to ensure all members accurately record accidents
  • Safety Analytics to measure, reduce, and predict your total cost of safety 

The safety of your employees must always be placed as top priority. With the number of occupational incidents and injuries occurring on a daily basis, the need for incident reporting software has become essential. This software is all about keeping your employees safe and working in the best workplace conditions. There are numerous benefits of implementing incident software. Below is an overview of EHS Insight's solution.

  1. Begin the investigation process based on the level of severity of an incident or injury
  2. Streamline all incident-related data and documents in one location
  3. Intuitive reporting of KPIs with awesome dashboards that answer the root causes of each accident
  4. Better decision making to identify and assign corrective/preventative actions 

Incident Management Software for Any Business Environment

Simply put, the role of incident software is to manage, prevent and eliminate on the job incidents. When this software isn't in place, increases in accidents are likely to occur. Even with paper or spreadsheet-based resources, companies may still witness a rise in incidents. Missing or poorly written reports can make things worse, too. With EHS Insight's Incident Platform, businesses of all kinds can strengthen their overall environmental, health and safety program by making sure incidents don't happen again.

Accurate data reporting is necessary for any organization. It allows for EHS personnel to understand what the data is representing in order to make better business decisions. Safety professionals can also visualize incident data to quickly identify points of impact. The best way to present this data is through dashboards. An all-in-one dashboard illustrating key performance indicators helps ensure a department's safety progress.        

Is This Software Right For You?

Incident reporting software is for any business looking to improve its EHS program. When this type of software is being used, businesses can expect to see an increase in employee morale which leads to improvements in day-to-day operations. At the end of the day, a company must always look out for its entire staff - full-time, part-time, and even contractors - so that they prosper and grow.