Modules and Options

Here is a listing of the modules and options you can choose from.

Powerful Tools to Improve the Entire Organization

EHS Insight allows you to ensure companywide compliance with all your regulatory and other requirements without the burden of over-complication.

Module or Option      
Cloud based solution      
Native mobile application      
Incident management      
Near miss reporting      
Incident investigations      
Corrective actions      
Inspection checklists      
Audits and assessments      
Automatic email notifications      
Configurable forms and workflows      
User and contact management      
Action and task management      
Document repository      
Dashboards and reporting      
Administrative tools      
Multi-level business hierarchy      
Modern API for integration      
Single Sign On      
Integrated online training      
Aspects and Impacts      
Audit Management      
Chemical Inventory      
Claims Management      
Compliance Tasks      
Hazard and Risk      
Health Encounter      
Incident Management      
Industrial Hygiene      
Job Safety Analysis (JSA)      
Journey Management      
Management of Change      
Permitted Work      
Quality Management      
Safety Drill      
Safety Meetings      
SDS Management      
Training Content      
Training Management      
Waste Management      
Work Observations      
Enterprise Support      
Rapid Success™      
Sandbox Included      
Dedicated representative      
Multiple languages      
SBB - Small Business Bundle
STD - Standard
ELB - Enterprise License Bundle

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Modules and Options

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Pricing Model

Pricing is based on two factors:

  • Contacts
  • Modules and Options



Subscription fees are based on the features enabled by your selection of Modules and Options, and the count of Active Contacts, which are employees and other people entered into the system and not marked inactive, whether or not they are users. This means larger organizations pay more, in general, than smaller organizations. In most cases, when an employee is hired a new contact is created in the system. When one is terminated, the contact record is marked inactive and no longer contributes to the Active Contact count.

Modules and Options

EHS Insight is comprised of a core solution and various modules and features. The core solution provides:

  • Corrective actions and task management
  • Document libraries
  • Designers such as Form Designer and Report Designer
  • User and contact management
  • Integrations and the RESTful API
  • Native apps for mobile and offline experience

Modules, such as Incident Management and Audit Management contain a set of functionality that enhance the core solution by adding various forms and reports. Other options include selecting your Support Level, which will be Standard Support or Enterprise Support. To learn more about Support Levels, review this document.


Customers with Enterprise Support receive a volume discount beginning at 1,000 contacts. However, any organization with more than 100 contacts should consider getting a custom quotation to get the best price available.


A standard onboarding fee is calculated for you when you receive your quote. This one-time fee is $1,500 or less.


The Best Value in EHS Software Available Today

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Spend less than you think to get a comprehensive solution.

Quicker Setup

Be up and running in much less time thanks to standard templates.

Fantastic Support

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EHS Insight is helping other companies improve.

Modec uses EHS InsightStrike uses EHS Insight9 Energy uses EHS InsightBabcock and Wilcox uses EHS InsightEnsign uses EHS Insight

"We chose EHS Insight as the tool for organizing our Incident Management processes due to its customizable nature. The forms and workflows were designed to have the look and feel of the processes we had already established."

-Tim Callais

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"The key for me has been the transparency provided because it helps raise awareness and accountability. Our users report that the system is easy to use and that makes a huge difference."

-Eric Pfeiffer

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"Best decision this company has ever made. Everything HSE related is at my fingertips 24/7. This software has allowed me to streamline my processes so that I can put effort into improving real life actions and not have to spend hours in front of a computer screen."

-Matt Merriott

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Modules and Options

Here is a listing of the modules and options you can choose from.

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