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    Confined Space Entry Templates

    Few activities are as high stress for a safety professional than coordinating the entry into a permit-required confined space. Prior to most permit entries, a million questions come to mind such as:

    • Is everyone properly trained in everything they need to be trained in?
    • How well do they really know how to use the atmospheric testing tools? Did they calibrate it first?
    • Has the space itself been thoroughly evaluated with all the hazards properly identified so the entry team can adequately protect themselves?
    • Does everyone understand the rescue procedures?
    • Does the attendant really understand his or her role?
    • Did we cover all the bases? Is there anything we missed?  

    Confined Spaces Entry Checklist

    One way safety professionals can reduce their stress and make sure nothing falls through the cracks is to use a checklist but finding one that has everything needed or creating one from scratch can be an undertaking, especially for the less experienced.

    At EHS Insight we know that sometimes all that’s needed to make a process easier is a head start. With our customizable Confined Spaces Entry Checklist, the format is provided and so are the basic steps—the rest is up to you.

    Confined Spaces Entry Log

    Having one place to quickly document each of the confined space entries that have been performed, the status of the entry permits, permit cancelation information, whether an immediate post-entry review was completed and if an annual review was completed is a nice thing to have. Having a “one stop shopping” document for all of these things also provides a certain amount of organization which is important when trying to manage all the different pieces of a confined spaces program.

    If you’re in need of a simple template to help manage your permit entries, we can help. With EHS Insight’s Confined Space Entry Log, users can easily keep their confined spaces program on track and make sure all the bases are covered. And, for those users who perform a lot of entries, our log can also provide documentation to justify contracting this work out to a third party. So if you’re ready to get your permit entries organized, we’re ready to help!

    Confined Spaces Entry Permit Template

    Having a good confined space entry permit can make the entry process much less nerve wracking for those participating. In fact, having a permit that fits your needs and helps seamlessly guide you through the process can literally be a lifesaver.

    A good permit is one that includes all the requirements OSHA says must be included while adding a few extras like documenting how energy sources within a space will be isolated during entry or specifying the specific types of PPE used, which makes it easier to duplicate for the next entry. A good permit is also one that lets the user document what they need to without being limited for the purpose of keeping the permit to one page. Finally, a good permit can serve as a reminder of all the things that have to happen to keep the entrants safe during the entry process.

    If you’re in need of a good entry permit and are tired of endlessly searching online, your search is finally over! With EHS Insight’s Confined Space Entry Permit Template, you’ll be able to:

    • Document the basics such as the entry date & time, expiration time, the space number & location, authorization information and reason for the entry
    • Document each participant’s name, entry role and what specific training each participant has completed (with a verification signature)
    • Document all of the pre-entry and entry atmospheric testing, with the order in which the testing should be completed and the acceptable ranges provided
    • Document the different types of hazards present in the space and how the hazard was eliminated
    • Document how entrants and attendants will communicate throughout the entry
    • Document the types of specific PPE, tools and other equipment used during the entry—and whether they passed inspection prior to use
    • When necessary, document how energy sources will specifically be isolated within the space and provide information on any active hot work permits issued for the space
    • Have a step by step rescue process available with rescuer information all on one page, making the posting of emergency information simple
    • Have a separate page for signatures and permit cancelation information to make logging all permit entries a breeze

    Like the permit but want to add additional information or change how items are ordered? That’s ok! As with most of our templates and forms, our Confined Space Entry Permit Template is customizable to your, specific needs.

    Confined Spaces Post-Entry Critique Form

    As every safety professional knows, things don’t always go as planned. Mistakes happen and plans that we thought would work well, sometimes don’t. But it’s often not the mistakes that ultimately matter, rather it’s how we recover and what we learn from them. After all, a major goal of most safety programs is to continuously improve—which you really can’t do if everything is perfect all the time.

    When it comes to things like confined space entries, the best place to gather information on how well things are going is from the actual participants. In fact, it’s common knowledge that the more buy-in employees provide, the more likely they are to fully participate. This is why it’s such a great idea to perform a post-entry review after every confined space entry.

    When conducted properly, this activity can yield a lot of very valuable information that might otherwise never come to light. It’s these little pieces of information that have the potential to make the most impact, especially when that impact is preventing someone from getting hurt.

    Looking for a good way of conducting this activity but aren’t having any luck finding a simple template to use? We can help!

    By using EHS Insight’s Confined Spaces Post-Entry Critique Form, each participant is able to provide detailed information about their own, personal experiences during an entry including what went well, what needs improvement and whether they had specific issues with anything used during the entry, information which is truly invaluable.

    Download these templates today to get started.

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