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    Safety Incident Investigation Report Template in Word Format

    How you document incidents is important!

    Not only does the information you capture have the possibility of becoming a legal document, but it might be used in a variety of other capacities such as for workers compensation reporting, insurance claims for damaged property or vehicles, for local fire, policy or EMS reports, during OSHA investigations or maybe just for your internal root cause and incident investigations. Regardless, it’s really important to make sure you capture accurate and complete information.

    Incident reporting is an activity that should be more than just jotting down information about who was involved and what happened. It should help paint a clear picture of the incident and provide insight into why it happened—or at least get people thinking about these things as they complete the report.

    The problem with most safety incident report forms is that they are disorganized, are designed to be completed by one person and aren’t designed to be exploratory. Instead, they’re designed to be simple and to the point—which is great for simple incidents, but not for incidents that are more complex. In addition, that incident you thought was simple might turn out not to be later down the road when it’s too late to capture important information.

    Safety Incident Investigation Report Template Word

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a process that gave you a place to document the details but that also walked you through the root cause and incident analysis process and if needed, helped you determine recordability?

    We’ve got what you’re looking for! With our new Safety Incident Report Template Series, you’ll get a four-part incident investigation report template in Word, each part designed to be either a stand-alone form or part of a complete process.

    Safety Incident Investigation Report Template Benefits

    Our Safety Incident Investigation Report Templates divide the process of documenting incidents into four sections:

    • Section One collects the basic & typical safety incident information. (Great for near misses!)
    • Section Two collects the information from any injuries, illnesses and/or damaged property.
    • Section Three walks the user through the review process and includes a simple 5 Whys template within the form itself.
    • Section Four is designed to help the user determine recordability and/or when an incident meets the criteria to notify OSHA—and a place to document that information.

    So, if you’re looking for a different approach to capturing incident information, designed by HSE professionals, look no further than our Safety Incident Investigation Report Template - MS Word Series!

    Download the Template