PPE Hazard Assessment Templates

This three-part assessment provides a more in-depth approach to conducting the PPE hazard assessment. It allows users to do three things:

  • Conduct, document & certify the PPE Hazard Assessments (required per 29 CFR § 1910.132)
  • Document hazard elimination and/or mitigation information using the Hierarchy of Controls
  • Document the selection of appropriate PPE

In Part A users will start by documenting the basics (date, location, etc.). For each area being assessed, users will have the option of documenting the specific jobs or positions that perform tasks in the area and then noting whether there’s a corresponding Physical Demands form for each job/position noted.   Physical Demands are important pieces of information to have for jobs/positions because they highlight important work features found within each job at a company. When the PPE Hazard Assessments are completed, it’s always a good idea to compare the results to the Physical Demands documents to make sure they match and to make sure nothing has been left out of either document. If you don’t have a good Physical Demands template, feel free to use ours.

In Part B users will observe the tasks being performed in the assessment area and will check the boxes next to the areas of the body that have the most potential to be injured, making any notes or comments as needed.

In Part C users will complete the assessment information for each of the body parts selected in Section B. In this section, users will document the potential hazards, list the tasks where the hazard(s) could be encountered, will work through the hazard elimination and/or reduction process, and will then determine what PPE will be needed to help provide additional protection.

As with most of our templates, users can modify and/or edit the template as needed to get their desired finished product that will best serve their needs.

Download the Templates