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    November 9, 2019

    EHS Insight 19.19 Release Notes

    Check out the latest software updates in EHS Insight 19.19

    New Features

    Quick Links - Audits

    • New option in Quick Links allows users to be linked directly to an Audit and Inspection with a Question set pre-selected.

    Skill Assessment - Failed Assessment Option

    • Default mode for Skill Assessment allowed a person to keep their Skill status as Pass as long as the Assessment hadn’t expired. This let users who already had a skill keep showing as “Passed” and keep trying to get the skill passed again until the skill Expired.

    • Some companies asked for the option to make a Failure at a Skill Assessment revoke any current “Pass” status and immediately show the person as not having the Skill. This new option will allow a Failure to immediately show up on a dashboard when a person fails an assessment instead of waiting for the expiration on a previous pass to run out.

    MARCOM Content

    • Online Training Course library updated Driving Safety Spanish course

    • Online Training Course library updated Electrical Safety Spanish course

    • Online Training Course library updated Winter Safety course

    Other Highlights

    • Recycle Bin - Announcements
      • Announcements can now be restored after being deleted.
    • Data Efficiency
      • Windows Native App - Now needs to download much less data when you update it.

    • Native App - Maintenance
      • Launching the app against a site which is in Maintenance mode should be a better experience now.

    • Device - Password Protected Layout
      • The Site setting to require Password on Logout for Device accounts. This will let users have all the benefits of being a Device (for Participating in WF and Offline Submit) while still being able to lock down the Device so users can’t log out.

    We're Here to Help

    With updates as often as every two weeks, we're here to make sure you have the best experience using EHS Insight. Take this latest version for a spin and reach out to our support team if you have any questions, comments, or new feature suggestions. We're at

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