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    March 30, 2020

    EHS Insight 20.4 Release Notes

    Check out the latest software updates in EHS Insight 20.4

    New Features

    Incident Event - Third Party Administrator Notification

    • This is an option for users in the IE workflow to send an email to a predetermined address based on their BE.

    • This feature allows sending full Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

    • Site Setting: Incident Event - Third Party Administrator

    • Scoped Role: Third Party Administrator Notifier

    • Backing List: Third Party Administrator
      • Name
      • Business Entity
      • Email Address

    • Incident Event form
      • New Button: Send to Third Party
      • Popup Requests:
        • Recipient (Form TPA backing list filtered by BE)
        • Include Personally Identifiable Information

    Training Dashboard - Update to Show Online vs Traditional

    • Several Customers voiced concern over our changes to the “Take Course/Request Course” button on the Training Dashboard last Release.

    • We have updated the screen with the following icons:

    Button  For courses that can be taken online

    Circle  For courses that need to be requested

    DotsFor Substitution Requirements


    Native Apps - Alert on Offline Sync Data

    • This feature will help users know when they have items waiting in their outbox.

    • Native Windows app will alert users when opening or closing the app if any Offline Sync Outbox items are waiting to be sent.

    • Native iOS and Android apps will alert users when opening the app if any Offline Sync Outbox items are waiting to be sent.
      • Note: iOS and Android can not alert users when they leave the app that they have items in their outbox.
      • Apps are not allowed to interrupt exiting an application on these devices.

    Updated OSHA 300A ITA Export

    • To support Employer Identification Number (EIN) requirements in CFR 1904.41(a)(4)

    • EIN is now required to be added to ELECTRONIC OSHA 300A submissions (this doesn’t apply to every customer)

    • Add a Facilities EIN number to the OSHA Establishment List
      • We support formats “XX-XXXXXXX” and “XXXXXXXXX”

    • The EIN will ONLY show on the OSHA 300A ITA Excel Export

    Quick Links on Phone Sized Devices

    • Quick Links will now show on the main navigation menu for phone sized devices.

    • Clicking on Quick Links will expand the list without leaving the navigation menu.

    • This should be much easier to find for people on a phone instead of trying to go into the Dashboard.

    Additional Release Notes

    • New: The Online Training Course library updated Hazardous Materials Labels course.

    We're Here to Help

    With updates as often as every two weeks, we're here to make sure you have the best experience using EHS Insight. Take this latest version for a spin and reach out to our support team if you have any questions, comments, or new feature suggestions. We're at

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