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    October 3, 2017

    3 Ways the Automotive Industry Can Conquer EHS Challenges

    Management expert Peter Drucker believed that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” That is, if you don’t have a solid system in place for documenting specific metrics, you lack the ability to properly manage them.

    Automotive manufacturers are turning to enterprise EHS software to help them overcome the various challenges of risk, sustainability, and other EHS practices to ensure they can remain competitive in the marketplace. Take a look at three common ways software can be used to improve sustainability and safety programs.

    Manage and Achieve Environmental Compliance

    Keeping your company compliant is critical to your success, and not just because a piece of paper says so. Granted, you could face hefty fines and penalties if you miss compliance deadlines, but keep in mind that compliance requirements exist for a reason – to protect you, your workers, and your company from potential disasters.

    Managing your environmental compliance schedule from a single platform can help ensure you never miss a deadline. You can discover upcoming deadlines at a glance, receive reminders, and know your compliance status at all times to avoid any surprises.

    Reduce Energy Waste and Facility/Plant Greenhouse Gas Emission

    Automotive leaders are increasingly relying on software to help them record and track energy waste to ensure they’re doing what’s necessary to reduce their footprint on the environment. Through careful, ongoing documentation, EHS departments have a clearer insight into energy consumption and are better positioned to make effective efforts toward reduction.

    Invest in Quality Management, Safety, and Lean Production

    If you aren’t using a standardized system to manage your EHS activities, or you have an existing system that fails to meet your needs, upgrading to an all-inclusive platform is an investment in your quality management, safety, and lean production. When given the right tools, your team will be able to accomplish more with better accuracy, which can show measurable improvements in other areas of your operations. This is especially evident when it comes to employee productivity and team morale.

    Wrap Up

    Working in the automotive industry comes with unique obligations to fulfill environmental, health and safety requirements. Not only do you have the responsibility to keep your workers safe, you also have the increased priority to ensure the products you manufacture are safe for your end user. Take care of your internal EHS first, and the rest will look much more promising.

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