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    May 24, 2021

    Common Workplace Safety Hazards That All Companies Need to Avoid

    No matter the industry or the place of employment, there are always workplace safety hazards that can potentially threaten the well-being of employees. The first step in mitigating the threat they pose or eliminating these hazards altogether is identifying them.

    It’s amazing how simply knowing about safety issues can help prevent workplace accidents. With that in mind, we wanted to share some of the most common workplace safety hazards that companies should know about and word to avoid if possible.

    Overexertion and Fatigue

    These are the kinds of hazards that could pop up at any time if companies get careless. It doesn’t take an expert to recognize that tired and overworked employees are more prone to making mistakes that could lead to an accident. Employees need regular breaks and should be encouraged to call in sick if they feel too tired to work. At the same time, physical laborers are more prone to skeletal-muscular injuries if they are tired or overextending themselves physically.

    Slips and Falls

    There are many workplace and safety hazards that relate to employees slipping and falling. In fact, this makes up roughly one-quarter of all workplace injury claims most years. Things as simple as cluttered floors, wet floors, uneven surfaces, or dangerous stairways can cause employees to slip or trip while on the job. It may sound simple and obvious, but these still make up a significant amount of accidents that are almost always preventable.

    Automobile Accidents

    Many manufacturing and warehouse settings have motorized vehicles on the premises that can create workplace and safety hazards if they aren’t driven carefully by trained professionals. These types of accidents are no less serious than automobile accidents that employees might get into on their way to work. It’s critical that any vehicles in the workplace are handled with care and safety standards are followed by anyone operating a vehicle.

    Ergonomic Hazards

    No matter the industry, ergonomic hazards are bound to pop up. Any employee who does a lot of lifting, respective movements, or awkward motions while performing their job should be monitored closely and trained properly to avoid workplace and safety hazards that might be ergonomic. These employees might need extra breaks or more varied job responsibilities to avoid activities that could have both short-term and long-term impacts on their physical health and well-being.

    Noise Hazards

    Most people don’t think of noise as a common workplace and safety hazard, but in manufacturing and warehouse settings, it’s often an issue that gets overlooked. The problem is that loud noises don’t cause a lot of short-term health issues. However, noisy workplaces can have a serious impact on a person’s hearing if they work in a loud environment over an extended period of time. If your business operates a noisy workplace, make sure you provide employees with earplugs and other forms of protection. It can also be a good idea to provide workers with annual hearing checks and exams to make sure they aren’t slowly experiencing any adverse effects of a loud workplace. 

    Stay One Step Ahead with Safety Software

    No matter the specific workplace and safety hazards of your specific workplace, you can stay ahead of them with the help of safety management software. The system created by EHS Insight is the most comprehensive available. Our software links together every element of workplace safety from hazard identification to training to compliance. It makes it easier to check all of the boxes so that no safety matter is forgotten or overlooked, creating a safer workplace and saving a lot of time and money in the long run.

    When your company is ready to improve your approach to safety and eliminate workplace hazards, give us a call and we’ll have our software set up in no time.

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