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    November 19, 2019

    Damaging Decibels: Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

    It may be one of the biggest health issues in the world, but few think seriously about hearing loss until it’s too late. Approximately 360 million people around the globe suffer from it, and those numbers have risen sharply over the last decade.

    That could be attributed to the popularity of personal media players, which often include earphones that fit directly into the ear canal. Because they’re pressed against the eardrum, loud music and sounds have an even greater impact on hearing. This is especially true in younger people. However, everyone must be aware of how to protect his or her ears.

    Most workers in a construction or industrial environment understand the need for hardhats and other protective gear, like construction ear protection. Yet fewer know how important it is to wear earplugs or earmuffs to dampen dangerous sounds.

    Given how much noise these workers may be exposed to while on the job, taking preventative steps can make all the difference for them later in life. Guarding against hearing loss may also be beneficial in preventing dementia in the elderly, according to studies.

    When it comes to taking better care of your hearing, always remember to keep the volume at an acceptable level. Whether you’re listening to music, watching TV or working, limiting the amount of loud noise you hear is crucial for better ensuring that your ears stay healthy and that your hearing abilities remain intact.

    If you can’t avoid potentially damaging levels of sound, you should wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and take periodic breaks to get some quiet time.

    With some proper care and precaution, you can avoid becoming one of the millions of people who experience hearing loss. The accompanying infographic contains more information about how serious this epidemic is worldwide, as well as more helpful tips you can use to protect yourself.

    Damaging Decibels: Tips To Prevent Hearing Loss from Premier Safety

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