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    September 2, 2018

    EHS Insight 18.14 Release Notes

    We're pleased to present EHS Insight 18.14


    New Features


    Meal Break Module

    • California law requires employers to pay employees for the whole day, unless a record is maintained stating they were on their meal break.
    • Meal Break form
      • Form is only visible to users in the new 'Access' role for Meal Break
    • Details section:
      • Complete the location/date/time/ of the break
      • Break Duration is automatically calculated 
      • You can add more than one user who was included in the break


    Discussion Sidebar with Voting

    • EHS Insight has always supported structured workflow including Approvals, Rejections, and steps that require users to complete additional form data (like classifying or investigating an incident). At each of these formal steps, sometimes there needs to be collaboration between users. Today, that collaboration often happens over email or other messaging outside the system. The new Discussions Sidebar allows for collaboration to occur within EHS Insight and be retained for future reference. 
    • In addition to normal comments/messaging, the Discussion Sidebar also supports requesting a “Vote” from specific users. When a vote is requested, the requested users will receive an email and a task under My Tasks requiring them to respond. This allows companies to facilitate lightweight “ad-hoc” workflow within the system instead of via e-mail.
    • The Discussion Sidebar can be enabled on a per-form basis (e.g. an organization can choose to enable it for Management of Change but not for Incident Event).

    Some use cases for this feature include:

    • The lead investigator on an Incident Event form would like to poll the other investigators whether the investigation is ready to be closed. They send a “Vote Request” using the Discussion sidebar and wait for responses before they close the investigation.
    • The Change Owner of a Management of Change form needs to collaborate with several department supervisors prior to approving  the change request. The Change Owner sends a “Vote Request” using the Discussion sidebar and wait for responses before they approve the change.
    • A Claims administrator wants to keep a running time-stamped comment log with status updates for other Claims administrators to be able to review.  They add (non-voting) comments to the Discussion sidebar.


    Work Observation Enhancements

    • Work Observations have been enhanced to support optional new types: Management Site Visits, Unsafe Behaviors or Conditions, Safe Behaviors or Conditions, Great Catches, Safety Violations, and Near Misses
    • They also support optional Approval workflow and Rewards and Recognitions

    NoteExisting customers will be upgraded so that their forms will look/feel the same as what they currently have (Site Settings will change accordingly)


    Claims linked to specific Incident Event Consequence

    • Before: On the claims forms, users could select an entire Incident Event
    • Now: Users can select a specific consequence of the Incident Event  
      • This has been updated because a Claim is typically for one person or one asset, and if users selected the entire Incident Event, it was not clear what the Claim was being associated to
      • The Business Hierarchy and Incident Date on the Claims form must match the selected Consequence
      • This allows us to create reports based on costs associated to specific items (e.g. Body Part)

    Note: A user can have the Claims form and not have the Incident Event form; Claims can work independently of the IE form


    Claims Cost of Safety Reports

    • The new reports are intended to display the total costs incurred for various metrics, such as:  
      • Asset Total Incurred by Asset Type and Preventability

      • Incident Total Incurred by Actual and Potential Severity

      • Injury Total Incurred by Equipment Type

      • Injury Total Incurred by Injury Type

      • Injury Total Incurred by Nature of Injury

      • Injury/Illness Total Incurred by Body Part

      • Loss History

    Note: Reports are available when the Claims form is enabled


    "Hide from New" capability added to more lists

    • This feature hides the list item from future forms so that historical forms can be preserved. The following lists now include this feature:
      • Location Within Category

      • Injury Type

      • Nature of Injury

      • Operational Activity

      • Sustainability Measure

      • Employer


    Fiscal Year Offset

    • Before: Fiscal Quarter Offset field was visible via Administration > Site Settings
    • Now: New Site Setting: Fiscal Offset
      • When enabled:  
        • Fiscal Quarter Offset field is visible in the Administration > Site Settings page
        • Fiscal Year reports are made available
      • When disabled: The Field does not exist 

    NoteExisting users will default to have the field disabled. They can request for us to enable it via EHS Insight Support.


    Login user experience improve when SSO enabled

    • Before: Customers reported that their users were uncertain on which login fields to use when SSO was enabled
    • Now: If customers use the non-SSO login fields, the warning will tell them to use the correct fields 
      • The words in brackets in the error message are set by the customer via SSO settings


    Improved email templates for clarity 

    • We made changes to the email template to make it clearer to a user that the email is from their organization and valid (not spam 😅)


    Added support for including attachment photos inline as a report column

    • Before: Photos were only visible in form and print view
    • Now: 
      • Photos/attachments can be added to tabular reports via Report Designer
      • Edit the report, add “Attachments” as a column, and publish the report
      • No OOTB reports will include this by default
      • Attachments can be viewed/downloaded from the report
      • Attachments will not be visible/included via “Export to Excel”


    Note: Support for Android 4.4 - 5.1.1 has been dropped due to changes in the Google Play store's minimum version requirements along with Google no longer offering security updates for versions below 6.0. Users running those versions of Android should upgrade to Android 6 or greater to continue using the EHS Insight native app.


    We're Here to Help

    With updates as often as every two weeks, we're here to make sure you have the best experience using EHS Insight. Take this latest version for a spin and reach out to our support team if you have any questions, comments, or new feature suggestions. We're at  

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