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    September 30, 2018

    EHS Insight 18.16 Release Notes

    We're pleased to present EHS Insight 18.16

    New Features

    Position Families 

    • New Site Settings:

      • Site Configuration: Position Family

        • Enables the Position Family list and the ability to assign Positions to Position Families
      • Training: Position Family

        • Enables assigning Training Requirements by Position Family

    • Users/Contacts are still assigned to a single Position 

    • Companies can view who is included in a Position Family with the updated "Current Users and Contacts" report 

    Training Groups

    • New Site Setting: Training Group

      • Enables a Training Group backing list

      • Users and Contacts can be assigned to one (or more) Training Groups

    Training Requirements Updates

    • Before: The Training Requirement UI was a popup modal
    • Now: The Training Requirement UI is an in-line grid with the various options
      • When Position Family and Training Groups are enabled, they appear as options too

      • Selecting "Everyone" shows a warning

    Training Reports by Position Family and Training Group 

    • Users now have the ability to track training status by Position Family and Training Group, which includes tracking statuses by Missing, Expired, Rejected, Requested, Approved, Scheduled and Current

    Claim form enhanced to display Asset Description

    • Claim form enhanced to display Asset Description when choosing an Asset-related consequence when detailed Asset field are hidden (previously, there was no way to tell the difference between Assets)

    Incident Event Asset Number and Market Value Feature Flags

    • New Site Settings:

      • Asset Number for Non-Company Asset - show the Asset Number field for non-company assets

        • Defaults as Enabled for existing customers

      • Require Asset Number

        • Defaults as Disabled for existing customers

      • Market Value for Non-Company Asset - show the Market Value field for non-company assets

        • Defaults as Enabled for existing customers

    Work Observation Updates

    • Added a Save button for all Approvers

    • Removed the Save button for closed forms when there are Approval steps enabled

    Caption on report drop down parameters

    • Before: Drop down parameters did not have a watermark caption like pickers did

    • Now: Drop down parameters have a watermark caption indicating their role

    Business Hierarchy and multi-select fields expand to show all

    • Before: Multi-select fields would cut off any values that did not fit in the display fields

    • Now: Multi-select fields will expand to show all selected values


    We're Here to Help

    With updates as often as every two weeks, we're here to make sure you have the best experience using EHS Insight. Take this latest version for a spin and reach out to our support team if you have any questions, comments, or new feature suggestions. We're at  

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