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    April 12, 2024

    Enhancing Safety Engagement: EHS Insight Introduces QR Codes

    At EHS Insight, we value feedback from our customers and prospects, striving to continuously improve our platform's user experience and functionality. You asked... and we answered!

    Introducing QR Codes and Direct Links

    In response to the increasing demand for a more streamlined and effective method for submitting work observations and near-miss incidents, we are thrilled to introduce our latest update. We have added QR code functionality and granted Administrators the ability to create and manage QR Codes and Direct Links within the EHS Insight platform. These QR Codes and Links can be associated with various areas of EHS Insight, enabling easy access to forms, documents, reports, and dashboards.

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    QR Code Scanning: A New Era of Accessibility

    With our latest update, scanning QR codes is as simple as using a camera app. Whether you're on a mobile device or a desktop browser, scanning a QR code will automatically launch our mobile app or browser, providing instant access to the associated records.

    Generating and Printing Made Effortless

    Creating a QR code/link to a specific form is incredibly straightforward, even without QR Code Designer access. With just two clicks from any list view, you can easily generate and print the QR code by clicking on the QR Code icon. You can now enjoy the added advantage of setting default fields and protecting data to streamline the process and guarantee precise data entry. Additionally, we've expanded printing options to include popular Avery Label formats, simplifying QR code deployment like never before.

    Streamlining Processes: Scan to Submit

    With our latest enhancements, administrators have the flexibility to configure QR codes with direct links to any form within the platform. After being printed and displayed in a convenient spot, employees can simply scan the code using their phone or tablet's camera. This action will seamlessly launch the designated form within their EHS Insight app or browser, with pertinent fields already filled in or securely locked for editing.

    Facilitating Anonymous Submissions

    Recognizing the importance of breaking down barriers to report unsafe behaviors, our Anonymous Submit Mode* empowers anyone with QR code access to submit observations and forms effortlessly. Whether they're a visitor or contractor, submissions can be made without the need for an EHS Insight user login or app download. This not only simplifies the submission process but also fosters inclusivity and accessibility within safety reporting procedures.

    *Anonymous Submit Mode available for purchase as an add-on

    QR Codes in Material: Expanding Possibilities

    In our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions, we've extended QR code functionality to include Material records. Alongside Users & Contacts and Assets, Material records now feature generated QR codes. These codes, when scanned, provide users with access to a dedicated page showcasing Material properties, links to Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and the ability to initiate a Chemical Inventory form for the respective Material.


    With these advancements in QR code functionality, EHS Insight continues to revolutionize safety management systems. By focusing on accessibility, user-friendliness, and comprehensive features, we empower organizations to enhance safety engagement and effectively mitigate risks. Join EHS Insight in embracing the future of safety reporting with QR codes!

    For more information on how to utilize these features or explore our other offerings, please visit our website or reach out to our support team. Together, let's work towards creating safer workplaces for everyone.

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