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    May 8, 2024

    EHS Insight Unveils Enhancements to Training Management, Safety Data Sheets, and More

    The latest 24.4 update brings exciting new enhancements to streamline user experience and improve overall functionality.

    Here are some new features and highlights to look out for:

    • The Training Management module allows users to set internal due dates on a recurring schedule, ensuring alignment and efficiency.
    • The Safety Data Sheet module has been enhanced to support the generation of primary and secondary container labels for better compliance.
    • Document Library offers the convenience of bulk document uploads, with the added option for administrators to instantly publish documents without going through the approval process.
    • Email notifications can be tailored to either an immediate notice or a daily digest, giving end-users more control over their preferences.
    • Delegated users and contacts administrators can assign security groups within specified parameters set by the global administrator.

    These updates aim to streamline processes, improve user experience, and enhance overall functionality.

    Training Management

    Due Dates & Recurring Schedules

    Due date settings within training requirements were redesigned to handle a variety of scheduling needs ranging from simple to complex. In addition to completion-based expiration, customers can now easily establish a recurring due date. By setting up courses in this manner, employees can align on the same schedule, with the training due date remaining consistent for all assignees from year to year. Customers who wish to optimize courses that inherently expire to be aligned on a recurring schedule, can do so as well, with the new options allowing for tracking both.

    Safety Data Sheets

    Container labels

    The SDS module has been upgraded to facilitate the creation of primary and secondary container labels to ensure compliance with OSHA HazCom standards. Using built-in templates, users now can generate and print container labels from EHS Insight based on the material record content. Labels can also be predefined and associated with a material record, allowing for consistency and ease of use.

    SDS Dashboard

    Users can access the material dashboard conveniently through the product title link, easily view and print pre-defined container labels with a simple click and generate a quick ad-hoc container label for any material directly from the dashboard.

    Create Pre-Defined Labels

    Users with permission to edit materials can predefine and save commonly used container labels in the new SDS labels section of the material record. Authorized users can customize and store frequently used container labels in the latest SDS labels section of the material record. Utilizing the label generator, users can choose a template layout for their labels, with data elements automatically populating from the material record. Users can adjust the text content and font sizes of each label element, with real-time previews displaying how the label will appear when printed. Titles can be added to labels for easy identification and future use, with predefined label contents updating automatically when material record edits are made. These predefined container labels are accessible to all users for quick selection and printing from both the SDS dashboard and material dashboard. 

    Generate Ad-Hoc Labels

    Users can easily create and print primary or secondary container labels for any product in the SDS library using the ad-hoc container label feature. Simply select the ad-hoc container label option from the SDS dashboard or material dashboard and watch as the label automatically populates with the corresponding product data from the material record. Choose from a variety of pre-defined page layouts and label templates and fine-tune the label elements to achieve the perfect formatting.

    Document Library

    Bulk Upload

    We understand that uploading documents into the document library one by one can be timely and cumbersome. We are very excited to now offer users the capability to facilitate bulk uploads! The feature is available to anyone with the ability to upload documents. Additionally, administrators can choose to skip approval steps and immediately publish the documents, whether uploading a single document or in bulk, further accelerating document library set up and maintenance.


    Users can now customize their email notifications with options for immediate notices or daily digests, set daily digest delivery time, and disable notifications for individual forms. With these new settings users can reduce the number of emails they receive every day and limit it only to the ones that are most important and relevant to them.

    Delegated Users & Contacts

    Update 24.3 introduced delegated users & contacts, empowering regional managers to oversee user rosters within their business entity, managing general properties of the user records. In the newest version, regional managers can now also grant permissions within their business entity via security groups.

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