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    June 5, 2017

    EHS for Higher Education? It’s Easy If You’re Smart About It

    The students enrolled at your university are trusting you to provide more than just a solid education. Though it isn’t always a conscious thought, they expect to receive that education in a safe environment. How are you prepared to deliver?

    Environmental health and safety for higher education is a unique operation in that it caters to a broader audience than just employees. With a revolving door of part-time and full-time students, classes that use dangerous chemicals and equipment, and the potential for public visitors at any given time, it isn’t always easy to establish a pervasive safety culture.

    That’s why it’s exceedingly important to take charge of health and safety aspects you can control. And it’s easy if you can control these functions from one central informational hub.

    Benefits of EHS Software for Higher Education

    Between science labs, food services, routine maintenance, and general upkeep of infrastructure, there are a lot of moving parts to university environmental health and safety operations. EHS software serves to integrate each of those parts into a single management system to provide a bird’s eye view of your EHS department at any given time.

    So how does EHS software for universities work, exactly?

    When you commit your strategy to EHS software, you gain the ability to

    • Identify campus hazards and provide follow up without the risk of tasks being forgotten
    • Maintain regular safety meetings and share safety alerts or documents across teachers/staff or departments
    • Retrieve data and information quickly to boost responsiveness

    Simply put, you and your team will always be aware of EHS activities on campus at any given time, so you can prepare yourselves accordingly.


    EHS software for higher education saves time by providing mobile access and better organization, which in turn saves money and boosts your program’s effectiveness. But perhaps most importantly, it provides a solid foundation for your EHS activities that adds credibility to your institution’s commitment to a safe learning environment.

    And while your students may not always consider their safety at school, they’ll appreciate never having to give it a second thought.

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