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    October 29, 2020

    Enjoy Better Communication with a Health and Safety App

    Health and safety apps are becoming more common, and while they can certainly help reduce the risk of your employees getting hurt while on the job, they can also help improve communication in your organization.

    As a readily accessible tool, a health and safety mobile app provides a central hub for front-line workers, management teams, and health and safety administrators to connect clearly, promptly, and effectively for the benefit of employees and employers.

    Reinforce Safety Culture

    Embracing a culture of safety at work isn’t a one-and-done proposition. It requires ongoing care and nurturing if it’s to truly become a part of the organization. When everyone has access to a health and safety app at work, it can be a gentle reminder of safety rules and expectations no matter where you’re working and what your assigned tasks are.

    Those regular reminders can foster a shift in perspective that supports overall improved health and wellness at work. Safety checks and inspections are more likely to become part of an employee’s routine instead of an afterthought. Alerts and reminders can be pushed to employees as needed, especially when new safety measures are implemented, and having a centralized message distribution system through the app ensures that everyone gets consistent messaging.

    Improve the Exchange of Information

    When front-line teams, managers, and administrators share information through the app, it establishes and maintains effective lines of communication while also keeping people accountable. Data collection is also centrally located so the challenge of resistance to information sharing and siloing is reduced.

    A cloud-based EHS software app will typically automatically synch so even data input from the field when a worker is offline will be available to everyone else within minutes of reconnection to the network. Fellow employees are alerted to health and safety issues as they come up, managers are alerted to incidents right away, and administrators have up-to-the-minute data for reporting and compliance needs.

    Manage Training Needs

    Instead of struggling with questions and requests related to training needs and employee qualifications, having a health and safety app can streamline the process and ensure clear communication.

    At a glance, it’s possible to determine which employees are in need of training and assign that training to them. When training solutions are integrated with the app, it’s possible to assign training modules to employees and have them access training content directly. This reduces the turn-around time between assignment and completion, and it ensures training needs are clearly communicated to employees and their managers.

    Having a health and safety app can provide an organization with multiple benefits. In addition to helping keep employees safe from harm while on the job, it can be a useful tool that improves communication among employees as well as up and down the chain of command.

    From an app’s data collection capabilities to analytics and alerts, information is collected and accessed in ways that allow people to have the information they need to do their jobs when and how they need it, leading to increased effectiveness and efficiency across the company.

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