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    October 30, 2017

    Halloween Safety Tips for the Workplace

    Celebrating Halloween at work has its benefits. Companies often use occasions to show employee appreciation, strengthen teams, and promote corporate culture. Be careful though: Halloween festivities in the workplace is no reason to cast safety aside

    Throw a safe Halloween work party with these best practices.


    Yes, even food can be dangerous at workplace Halloween parties. Stick to individually wrapped or prepackaged foods as opposed to homemade dishes. If you’re springing for pizza or other “catered” foods, make sure it doesn’t sit out too long. Food poisoning from a work party probably won’t be grounds for a worker’s comp case, but it could wreak havoc on your productivity.

    It should go without saying, but avoid serving alcohol, even if your party is outside of working hours and employees are off the clock. You could be held liable if an employee were to be involved in an accident.


    Having your employees don their favorite costumes could offer fun team building opportunities, but there should be limits. Loose or flowy costumes or jewelry can easily get caught in machinery. Bulky costumes and accessories can get in the way of performing tasks safely. Some employees may change up their footwear to match their get-up, which might not be appropriate for the workplace.

    If you’re going to allow costumes, make sure you discuss limitations with your team prior to the big day.


    Practice good ladder safety when hanging items from the ceiling or doorways. One slip on the ladder could be grounds for a worker’s comp case at the expense of a little Halloween spirit.

    In Closing

    Halloween work parties should be fun, but remember that neglecting safety for amusement can quickly ruin the vibe. It’s always best to put safety first in everything you do.

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