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    August 23, 2023

    A Guide to Choosing the Right Safety Shoes

    Read our guide to learn all about the importance of protecting your feet at work.

    Did you know that 7% of all wounds caused by workplace accidents are foot injuries? In the US alone, foot injuries keep at least 60,000 people from work every year. Our feet are exposed to a wide range of hazards in the work environment, so it’s essential that you make sure that your footwear offers sufficient protection.

    How to Find the Right Footwear for Your Needs

    If you work in an industry that requires protective garments, you must also ensure that your feet are adequately protected. Before setting foot in your workplace, learn about the specific dangers you will face and find out which kind of footwear will offer the most suitable protection. For example, mechanics will require oil resistant soles, whereas those who work in a foundry will need protection against extreme heat. To find out what kind of footwear or foot protection you will need in your workplace, your employer should be your first port of call.

    Find the Right Fit

    No matter what kind of shoes you are looking for, you will still need to check for the same things. When trying on shoes, be sure to check the material, comfort, support, and flexibility. It is worth enlisting the expert help of a shop assistant so you can ensure that the sizing and fit are just right.

    Discover More

    This helpful infographic from Walsh Brothers Shoes looks at the most common foot injuries in the workplace and outlines some of the most common risks to our feet in the workplace. It then goes on to offer advice on how to choose a pair of safety shoes that will give your feet the protection they need at work.

    Scroll down to the infographic to learn more about safety footwear in the workplace.

    Safety Shoes Infographic

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