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    April 17, 2017

    How to Get C-Suite Approval for Your Safety Software Investment

    Finding the right safety software for your operations isn’t exactly easy. But even more challenging can be getting the approval and support from the C-suite execs to greenlight your safety software investment.

    Environmental, health and safety software can completely revamp and enhance your entire program: in short, the right EHS software can save you and your company time and money, help you avert potential disaster, and propel your department forward into a more efficient operation. But how can you convey those benefits to the people who matter most?

    First off, forget about pitching a laundry list of product benefits and features – they’ve probably heard it all before, and it won’t get their attention. If you want their backing, you need to focus on how safety software will benefit the entire company.

    How to Sell Your C-Suite on Safety Software in 3 Easy Steps

    Step 1 – Vet your solutions.

    Every SaaS out there claims to boost efficiency, save time and money, and their claims probably aren’t without merit. But the key lies in choosing the right one for your company and knowing how to implement it.

    Before you go to your superiors, vet some possible solutions on your own. Establish your goals and see which possible solutions align with those goals. Discover how each solution can potentially help your safety department, such as how mobile features can save you time, a calendar tool can ensure you don’t miss inspections, and a central knowledge base can boost responsiveness.

    Make sure you choose a solution that can provide numerous benefits to your safety program.

    Step 2 –  Develop a “sales” pitch.

    Your main priority is safety, so naturally you will shop for solutions based on how well they help you manage your job duties. The C-Suite, however, is focused on one broad responsibility – keeping the company alive and thriving.

    With this in mind, develop a pitch that focuses on how your safety software investment will help the company survive. You should include case studies that illustrate real internal safety situations, like how much money you spent fixing errors last year that could have been prevented with safety software.

    In essence, you are selling your C-level on why they should care about safety software.

    Step 3 – Be ready with a recommendation.

    Once you have their attention, close out with a possible solution. Show them exactly why you chose this solution, how you plan to execute it, and what the company as a whole stands to gain from your choice.

    Wrap Up

    You don’t have to have all the answers up front – chances are, your top execs will want to chime in with their own suggestions. But you should have enough answers and data to back them up to keep your proposal moving forward.

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