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    October 18, 2023

    Introducing EHS Insight's Newest Module: Awareness & Accountability

    Keeping workers up to date with things like new or changed policies, regulatory requirements and other important company information can be challenging.

    This can be particularly daunting for any company experiencing a high volume of change, those with a lot of locations to manage, and any company employing an increased number of remote workers. To add to these challenges, the fact that society, in general, has become so litigious means companies don’t just have to effectively communicate—they have to take steps to actually verify that workers are receiving and acknowledging those communications.

    At EHS Insight we understand these challenges and know that companies don’t want to spend a lot of time, energy and resources trying to keep up with documents, signatures and the spreadsheets created to manage them. This is why we've designed our new Awareness & Accountability Module to help alleviate some of this stress by offering an easier way for companies to provide important information and capture worker acknowledgments.

    Key Features

    Our new Awareness & Accountability Module provides customers with a complete process for electronically managing company requirements. It also captures worker acknowledgments, allowing companies to ditch paper forms and all the hassles that go along with paper processes. Additionally, we’ve built a lot of flexibility into the module to give customers more freedom to tailor requirements to their specific needs.

    Some of the other main features of the module allow customers to:

    • Set up new requirements targeting a specific language.
    • Establish due dates that will display as “overdue” on corresponding reports.
    • Use specific time zones to help control the time of day that a specific task is marked complete.
    • Set requirements up with a combination of documents (including those from the customer’s document library), embedded videos and even URL links.
    • Create different acknowledgment prompts based on the type of requirements being assigned.
    • Require a signature that can be drawn or typed.
    • Assign requirements to everyone, specific people, or entire groups based on business entity, position, etc.
    • Include notification reminders that arrive in the form of an interactive email.
    • View and complete outstanding acknowledgments through the new “My Acknowledgements” dashboard.
    • Track the status of acknowledgments using various different reports.

    Final Thoughts

    One of the most vexing things about managing different company requirements is that it’s not just about the requirements—it’s also about being able to show that employees have reviewed and acknowledged that information. For those companies attempting to manage all of this on paper or who have spent time looking for an EHS software solution and can’t find something that meets their needs and their budget, look no further than EHS Insight. Please feel free to reach out and start your free trial today!

    Katy Lyden, MS, OHST

    Katy Lyden is a Domain Analyst and EHS Subject Matter Expert for StarTex Software, the company behind EHS Insight. Prior to her current role, Katy spent 17 years successfully leading EHS programs for several large companies within the manufacturing industry. Katy is a Navy veteran, retired Emergency Medical...