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    May 11, 2022

    Introducing Stormwater Discharge Monitoring from EHS Insight

    Maintaining a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan or SWPPP is an important activity that many companies in the U.S. participate in to help protect our stormwater from being polluted. When written and managed properly, these site-specific plans will do three key things:

    1. Identify potential sources of stormwater pollution from a company’s operational activities and/or processes
    2. Describe specific control measures (or Best Management Practices) a company will employ to help reduce and/or prevent pollutants from being discharged into the stormwater
    3. Identify the tasks a company will undertake to ensure those control measures are effective—and what to do if they’re not

    More simply put, a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) is really a set of instructions for how to keep the potential pollutants generated by a company’s operational activities from impacting the local stormwater—and for a lot of companies, it’s legally required. Keeping up with an SWPPP is really a matter of making sure the plan itself is up to date (especially as operational changes are made) and making sure the Best Management Practices or BMPs are effectively preventing stormwater pollution.

    While this may not seem overly complicated, it can easily become overwhelming without the right tools in place. For companies trying to manage the entire process on paper and/or who are using tools like spreadsheets to capture important data, keeping up with the plan’s requirements can be frustrating and time-consuming. This is especially true for companies who have a lot of information to manage and keep track of and if there are multiple individuals participating in the process.

    Stormwater Discharge Monitoring from EHS Insight

    At EHS Insight, our goal is to take complicated processes like this one and make them easier to manage—and do so without breaking the bank. Our new Stormwater Management Module provides everything a user needs to manage SWPPP documents, capture stormwater sampling events in the field, add associated laboratory results, perform review and analysis activities, initiate (and track) Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPAs) and generate reports—without the need for paper forms or spreadsheets.

    Additionally, when combined with our other modules such as our Compliance Management Module and/or our Audit Management Module, users can schedule, assign and track required compliance tasks and complete all of their site-specific inspections.

    (Note: If you’re already a customer who is using our Audit Management Module and would like to see how easy it is to conduct your environmental inspections using software instead of paper, click this link for access to a Quarterly Visual Monitoring Inspection question set that you can edit or upload as is and try it out!)

    Contact EHS Insight

    If you’re interested in learning more about our new Stormwater Management Module or about any of our other modules and how we can help you build the perfect software solution for your health, safety, and environmental needs, contact us anytime, we’d love to help!

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    Katy Lyden, MS, OHST

    Katy Lyden is a Domain Analyst and EHS Subject Matter Expert for StarTex Software, the company behind EHS Insight. Prior to her current role, Katy spent 17 years successfully leading EHS programs for several large companies within the manufacturing industry. Katy is a Navy veteran, retired Emergency Medical...