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    August 4, 2020

    Making the Benefits of BI Work for Your EHS Team

    If your EHS team doesn’t know where you’re falling short, how can they offer realistic options to improve?

    These days, big data is sort of like the Holy Grail of business. It contains all the insights you could possibly imagine to improve your business and protect your team – if you know how to use it.

    To solve this problem, EHS relies on business intelligence, or BI. The best EHS teams can transform BI into organizational safety change. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of BI and how to the benefits of BI work together with EHS.

    What is Business Intelligence?

    Business intelligence or BI is the procedural and technical infrastructure that identifies, discovers, collects, and analyzes business data. This data includes things like sales revenue, products, costs, and incomes.

    These technologies allow you to transform your business data into strategic operational insights. Your revenue numbers on their own might be an exciting number for the year, but when they’re analyzed alongside past performance over the last several years broken into several sales campaigns, you can gain a deeper understanding of your business’s ebbs and flows.

    Instead of just conducting business as usual, you can understand what makes your business work.

    Benefits of BI

    For this reason, one of the biggest benefits of BI is making sense of your data.

    Data is all around you. It’s a goldmine of customer information – if you know how to mine it. BI points you to the location of the mine, the tools you’ll need to excavate it, and the best strategy to ensure returns when you decide to sink your own mine.

    In short, BI gives you operational insight, and in this case, workplace safety awareness. This is why you can use BI to stop thinking in terms of today and start thinking about the future. By understanding what you can do, you can shift your whole business into a “what if” capability instead of a “right now” capability. Better still? You can get the whole company working together to do it.

    BI and EHS

    Where does BI intersect with other critical business programs like EHS? In short, BI provides the type of ongoing awareness your business and workplace safety needs to succeed in your EHS efforts.

    BI allows your EHS team to gain real-time visibility. It’s easy to get lost in forms and inspections and regulations, especially in a large company. BI allows you to stop fighting with numbers and start using them for real insights.

    Better still, it allows you to shift from insight to action. You can uncover unexpected relationships between incidents and transform those insights into actionable steps for your EHS team.

    Learning from BI

    How do you take the benefits of BI to your own EHS team? It starts with the right strategic investment in EHS software. That’s where we can help, with safety software that raises the bar for a dozen industries.

    Want to see how EHS Insight can leverage your data into real results? Get in touch today to see our software in action.

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