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    August 23, 2023

    EHS Insight Introduces Advanced Enhancements to Management of Change Module

    HOUSTON—StarTex Software’s EHS Insight, a premier provider of cloud software solutions for environmental, health and safety (EHS) management, today announced the updated release of its Management of Change (MOC) module. 

    The latest developments are a testament to EHS Insight’s commitment to continually innovate and provide solutions that address the evolving needs of workplace safety teams. By enabling seamless collaboration, transparent documentation, and efficient task management, the MOC module equips organizations with the tools they need to manage the change lifecycle confidently and effectively.

    "Managing change is a key component of risk management and should be supported by software, not constrained by it," said Gary McDonald, President and CEO of StarTex Software. "These enhancements to our MOC module are going to make it even easier for our customers to keep reliable records of the process while enabling them to maintain momentum. As always, EHS Insight delivers a solution with a great user experience while providing important safeguards."

    The MOC module updates include:

    • Enhanced Involvement: Users designated as Involved Parties can now conveniently access the MOC form and record their responses during the Involved Parties Approval workflow step. This facilitates real-time collaboration and ensures that all stakeholders' perspectives are incorporated into the change management process.
    • Streamlined Action Management: Change Owners now have the capability to assign distinct actions, separate from corrective and preventive actions. The addition of new tasks and notifications allows teams to efficiently track and manage tasks to completion, promoting accountability and efficient resolution of action items.
    • Comprehensive Workflow: MOCs can now progress through the Review and Follow-Up workflow steps, creating a structured and holistic approach to change management. This ensures that changes are rigorously assessed, validated, and followed up on, minimizing disruptions and fostering operational and safety resilience.
    • Traceable Documentation: MOC forms can now be electronically preserved, allowing for easy tracking of any modifications made to the form throughout the MOC process. This audit trail feature improves transparency, accountability, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

    For organizations seeking to optimize their change management processes, please contact EHS Insight at +1 (877) 571-7475 or request a live demo at

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