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    March 9, 2022

    EHS Insight Launches QR Codes for Improved Safety Productivity

    New feature allows EHS teams to scan QR codes to simplify assets, audits and inspections

    StarTex Software’s EHS Insight, a premier provider of cloud software solutions for environmental, health and safety (EHS) management, today announced the addition of QR code support within EHS Insight. This latest feature enables EHS teams to scan QR codes to quickly locate the records associated with assets and people, including employees and contractors.

    “QR codes are supported in the browser and on all the native applications, including iOS, Android, and Windows,” said Gary McDonald, President and CEO of StarTex Software. “There is nothing extra to buy or turn on. All our customers already have this feature enabled.”

    With QR codes, users can streamline asset management, HR recordkeeping and audits and inspections. By scanning QR codes, users are guaranteed to have access to the correct record when reviewing the asset’s details, inspection history and other relevant data, or performing an inspection or similar action. The new feature allows EHS teams to:

    • Use QR codes to locate and connect certain records within EHS Insight
    • Show the equipment profile of an asset along with its audit and inspection status
    • Improve the reliability of information and prevent data entry errors
    • Scan QR codes located on employee and contractor ID cards to log training

    For more information, or for a live demo, please contact EHS Insight at +1 877 571 7475 or visit our website at

    EHS Insight Press Team

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