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    March 5, 2019

    EHS Insight Introduces Vendor and Contractor Management Software

    HOUSTON—StarTex Software’s EHS Insight, a premier provider of cloud software solutions for environmental, health and safety (EHS) management, today announced the release of its Vendor Management module as the latest addition to the EHS Insight suite. The module provides EHS professionals with a complete solution for managing vendor relationships and risk, contract and document approvals and control of the entire vendor lifecycle.

    “Many companies recognize that cultivating a robust safety culture is critical,” said Gary McDonald, President and CEO of StarTex Software. “Helping to cultivate such a culture within their contractor community is a great way to leverage internal processes and progress to ensure contractors are not exposing the company to undue risk. A strong contractor safety program can help prevent injuries, protect company reputation, support compliance with regulations, and avoid unnecessary loss. The EHS Vendor Management module helps our customers ensure contractor compliance and lowers risk.”

    The new module enables organizations to integrate vendor management into their EHS programs to foster long-term partnerships with suppliers, measure EHS risk levels, manage required documents to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and monitor updates through advanced workflows that monitor the status of vendor requirements. Some of the key benefits of EHS Insight Vendor Management include:

    • Ease of Use – Allows EHS professionals to easily upload and manage insurance, contract and EHS documents, providing a 30-60-90 day forecast of when documents will expire.
    • Risk Control – Through the EHS Experience Modifier feature, organizations can collect data generated from insurance companies to quantify EHS risk levels.
    • Compliance Satisfaction – Helps organizations meet company, industry and regulatory requirements.
    • Improved Communication – Strengthens team collaboration and provides full transparency to EHS departments on the status of vendor requests and requirements.

    For more information, please contact EHS Insight at +1 877 571 7475 or email If you're ready to start your free trial, click here.

    This new module is part of the EHS Insight 19.4 release. 

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