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    February 10, 2023

    Safety Quotes to Help Boost Employee Engagement

    Proper workplace safe is all about actions and putting the right system in place. But don’t forget that words can be helpful too. By using the right inspirational safety quotes, you can get your employees thinking about workplace safety and more engaged in safety practices. 

    Fortunately, there are countless options when it comes to safety quotes that can prove useful. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite quotes that can help your workers to stay focused on safety.

    Working Safely Gets Old But So Do Those Who Practice It

    It’s fair to say that safety procedures can be a little monotonous, But that doesn’t mean they aren’t important and need to be followed all of the time. This quote helps to remind workers that despite the monotony, there is a good reason behind safety procedures and protocols.

    Safety Is Not a Gadget, It’s a State of Mind

    Of course, there are a lot of tools and equipment that go into creating a safe workplace and keeping workers protected. But there’s more to safety than just using the right equipment and going through the motions. True safety is about having the right state of mind that you are always going to do the right thing and think about everything you do in terms of what’s safe.

    If You Don’t Think It’s Safe, It Probably Isn’t

    This is a great line to put into the heads of employees. It’s just another way of saying that safety always comes first. If employees are having second thoughts about whether something is safe or not, you don’t want them to do it. Make sure you share this quote with them to make sure that they should never take any chances as far as safety is concerned.

    Carefulness Costs You Nothing, But Carelessness Might

    This quote might seem a little dramatic, but not in workplaces that have serious safety hazards. The quote is designed to just remind workers to always be careful. If they aren’t careful, there can be consequences, which is why it never hurts to always be safe.

    Accidents Hurt, Safety Doesn’t

    Again, it can be a little dramatic to mention the possibility of accidents when giving employees safety quotes. However, it never hurts to remind employees about the potential consequences of unsafe acts. Equally important, this quote lets them know that staying safe is the far better alternative to dealing with an accident or suffering an injury in the workplace.

    When Safety is First, You Last

    This quote is one of several ways that you can remind your employees that safety should always come first. It also lets them know of the positive result when safety is always a priority. The bottom line is that when safety comes first, workers stay safe for the long run.

    Paper Doesn’t Save People, People Save People

    Obviously, safety protocols and practices are written down on paper. Understanding what’s written down and following it is what will help keep employees safe. But at the end of the day, the action of people is far more important than what’s written down. A safe workplace comes from people doing the right thing and following the rules, and it never hurts to remind employees that their actions on a daily basis are ultimately what will help to create a safe working environment.

    Turn Words into Action

    But how can a company turn words into action and back up what it preaches about workplace safety? One possible solution is EHS Insight’s safety management software. Our system helps to monitor and manage all elements of workplace safety, helping to keep everything organized in your approach to workplace safety. It’s a proven way to help practice what you preach and maintain the safest workplace possible.

    When your company is ready to back up its words, give us a call and we can talk more about how our software can help you create the safest workplace possible.