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    May 24, 2016

    The Importance of Workplace Safety Plans

    Workplace safety plans provide a two-fold system of ensuring employee safety. Planning helps build a framework for policies and procedures to make safety a top priority in the workplace. 

    When it is difficult to think and time is critical, having workplace safety plans can mean the difference between a quick resolution with minimal damage and a catastrophic situation. Workplace safety plans ensure that everyone is calm in a crisis, and that each person knows the role they need to play in order to keep things moving forward. Otherwise, there is always a chance that people will panic and forget important steps of a procedure. Serious injuries in the workplace change lives forever. Lives can be lost or damaged, and longer-term concerns can create additional stress for an employee and employer. 

    When you reduce or eliminate injuries in the workplace, you are also eradicating lost time and costs to the business. Plus, you are keeping the loss of productivity as low as possible. Safety planning, along with EHS software, can prevent workplace incidents from occurring. Workers who feel protected by safety planning may likely feel more satisfied in their jobs and their employers. It is more than just good policy. Showing employees that you believe in a safe workplace also increases their trust in you. This in turn can make them feel secure, and more productive.

    Some industries are required by law to have workplace plans for safety. Even if your industry or company does not need to provide such plans, having them available can prove to be another incentive - an increase in workplace morale. 

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