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    July 29, 2019

    Ways to Use Safety Analytics in Your Workplace

    Your team is your biggest asset, but managing a successful team in a high-risk industry is a massive task.

    You don’t just want to address workplace injuries. You want to prevent them. You want to give your team the tools to succeed and go home safe to their families at the end of the day.

    But to do that, you need the best tools for the job.

    Safety analytics can help you get there. It helps you go beyond the obvious and make smarter decisions to create a safe, efficient working environment.

    Not convinced? Here are three reasons why safety analytics is so important to your team.

    Make Sense of Your Data

    If you’re like many managers, you know the value of performance data.

    The trick, of course, is parsing through all of the data to reach useful conclusions. This is where safety analytics can pick up the slack. The critical aspect of safety analytics lies in recognizing the significance of data so that you can act on it quickly. After all, a quick response can make all the difference between another average day at work and a catastrophic mess.

    Predictive modeling gives you that functionality. It combines statistical techniques and data mining to transform raw data into actionable results.

    Identify Future Patterns

    This is part of how safety analytics helps you go one step further.

    If you want to keep your team safe, you can’t just respond to data. You have to be able to predict patterns and prevent hazards from occurring. Why would you stick to bandaging accidents after they happen if you could prevent them from happening in the first place?

    You also know, as a manager, that performance data is a critical tool in understanding your team.

    Safety analytics allows you to look at performance data and trends to go beyond numbers. It allows you to stop looking solely at the present and apply current patterns to identify future trends.

    Identify High-Value Targets

    This also helps you to identify major targets. Maybe it’s performance metrics. Maybe it’s staying on top of your maintenance routine by figuring out when your equipment is due for a check-up. Maybe it’s spotting hazards that keep recurring so that they don’t keep recurring.

    Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, safety analytics gives you the means to take a bird’s eye view of your team. You can zoom out from small details to see how those small details impact your team on a broader scale.

    By taking a wider view of the situation, you can figure out what your team needs to do to be better. Maybe you look at the numbers and realize your team is lagging on routine maintenance. Maybe you realize that your team is making the same mistakes over and over.

    Safety analytics gives you real data and the techniques you need to make it genuinely useful. Nothing is more exhausting than putting out the same fires over and over again. Stop repeating the same old song and dance.

    Using Safety Analytics to Your Advantage

    Building a strong workplace safety culture involves a comprehensive approach to your biggest safety problems. You have to show your workers that you’re willing to actively invest in their wellbeing.

    Safety analytics allows you to keep track of your employees and ensure that they aren’t caught in the crossfire of avoidable hazards, all while allowing them to work more efficiently.

    We’re proud to provide novel solutions to your biggest problems. We provide top-of-the-line EHS software solutions to more than a dozen industries. Want to find out how we can bolster your workplace? Use our contact page to get in touch.

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