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    October 28, 2022

    Tips to Properly Maintain Workplace and Commercial Vehicles

    Whether they’re on the road, at a construction site, or inside a manufacturing plant, most businesses own and operate commercial vehicles of some kind. In order to keep those vehicles running as best as possible for as long as possible, vehicle maintenance is of the utmost importance.

    Any business that cares about maintenance should have vehicle checklists for every vehicle they own. Of course, those checklists can only be created by knowing how to properly maintain commercial vehicles. Therefore, we wanted to share several tips for keeping any commercial vehicle or vehicle in the workplace properly maintained.

    Create a Schedule

    Maintenance is always important for a fleet of commercial vehicles. Specifically, regular maintenance is essential. That means creating a schedule for when a particular vehicle needs to be examined and sticking to that schedule. If you don’t have the proper service people on staff, find a reputable mechanic or expert who understands the type of vehicles you use and create a regular schedule with them for servicing your vehicles.

    Take Care of Tires

    The tires are arguably the most important part of any workplace vehicle. They should be given daily attention, even if it’s just to check for punctures and proper tire pressure. If the tires need to be changed or rotated, that’s something that should be checked regularly as well. When you take care of your commercial vehicles, it becomes easier to maintain those vehicles and get the most out of them.

    Keep Tabs on Drivers

    Company leaders don’t want to be backseat drivers, but for employees who are trusted with company property, it doesn’t hurt to keep tabs on them. Consider having them file regular reports regarding the performance of the vehicle. Keep in mind that they should be taking good care of the vehicle and not driving in a way that causes unnecessary wear and tear on the vehicle. Ultimately, there’s no harm in double-checking that drivers are being safe and responsible with company vehicles. 

    Avoid Dirt and Sun

    Of course, depending on the work that’s done, this will be hard. But to get the most out of any vehicle, you need to keep them clean and out of harsh weather as much as possible. Even if the vehicles are used to drive around in the sun or hot weather conditions, make sure they are covered and in the shade when not in use. It’s also not a bad idea to use a car cover when vehicles are not being used. This also helps to keep vehicles clean, preventing any accidental dents or scratches on them.

    Avoid Loose Items

    Not only do you want to keep the outside of vehicles clean and free of scratches, but the same is also true of the inside of cars. Make sure employees aren’t leaving any loose items inside the vehicle. It’ll make cars look cluttered and unkempt, which sends the message to workers that vehicle maintenance and upkeep aren’t important. Just like any other vehicle, the goal should be to make work-related vehicles look and feel brand new for as long as possible. That means cleaning them up both inside and outside.

    Vehicle Safety and Workplace Safety Are One in the Same

    Vehicle maintenance is just one part of vehicle safety and overall workplace safety. With all of this connected, many companies find it helps to utilize EHS Insight’s safety management software. Our software helps to track every task, big and small, that’s related to occupational health and safety. That means you won’t lose track of the tasks you have to do to help keep employees safe and protected while on the job.

    If you’re looking for some outside help with workplace safety, contact us anytime and we can talk about how our software can play a role in creating a safe work environment.

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